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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Homeowners Insurance after Cancellation or Non-Renewal

Homeowners Insurance after Cancellation or Non-Renewal Solution for High Risk Homes It’s the middle of the night during a thunderstorm in May and all of a sudden, the power goes out. You think nothing of it until the...

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Tips for Opening Up Your Cottage in the Spring

As cold as the Michigan winter weather is right now weather, we know that these days shall pass. And once they do, it will hopefully mean time to get back the warmer way of life in Michigan. Part of this means the...

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Michigan No Fault Changes for Your Auto Insurance Policy

When no-fault reform was signed into law, the Order of Priority for PIP claims has changed. In addition, claims sent to the Michigan Assigned Claims Plan (MACP) no longer have unlimited PIP. An injured person now...

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Protecting what you love most, a brief guide on scheduling items on your home policy

Scheduled personal property coverage is an optional endorsement you can use when the personal items exceed the personal property limits on a standard home policy. This of course leads to the common question “What...

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“You had me at Merlot: Insuring your Wine Collection & Wine Cellar 101”

In the chaos of this year 2021 there certainly are several reasons to go down to your wine cellar and uncork a rare bottle that you’ve been saving. Maybe your collection is only a single rack of a rare Bordeaux or maybe...

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Make Sure Your Prepare Your Car For Winter

In Michigan, winter is never far away. We are either in the 5 to 6 months of winter weather, or we are getting prepared for it! Snow and icy and conditions can easily start occuring in October (there were just ice...

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Tips on Preparing Your Cottage For Winter

As much as we enjoy summers and early fall in Michigan, the reality is that winter is always coming. For most cottage owners across Michigan, we take the fall as a time to enjoy the fall colors and fall activities, but...

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