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Mini-Tort in Michigan - What Is It?

Mini-tort also known as limited property damage is a coverage that pays your loss or $3000, whatever is less. Please note that “your loss” does not mean how much damage to your car was done, but how much you have to pay.  There is often confusion in Michigan when it comes to mini-tort situations, such as how much the party at fault and what the non fault party can do in claim situations. The examples below should give clarity. The examples below assume the other party is at fault.

Example 1:

You have broad collision (deductible waived if not your fault) the damage to your car is $2500. The mini-tort from the party that hit you would pay $0 as you are not out any money.

Example 2:

Same situation as above but you have $500 regular collision (deductible applies regardless of fault). You could collect $500 from the other party as that is the amount you are out.


Example 3:

Same situation as above but you have no collision coverage. You could collect $2500 because that is the amount that you are out. Please note, that the maximum is $3000.

The three items an adjuster needs:

  1.   Estimate of damages
  2.  Police report
  3.  Copy of your insurance showing your coverage for that vehicle

 Items you should get, or things you should do at the scene of an accident:

  1. Call the police
  2. Take picture of the other party’s driver’s license
  3. Take picture of other party’s insurance
  4. Take pictures of accident scene
  5. Take picture of license plate


Once you have the items that the adjuster will need, you need to call the insurance company of the other party.  Just Google that insurance company name to get the number.  They will request that you email those items to them.  

Mini-tort situations happen every day in Michigan and often times there is confusion. Hopefully these above examples and steps help provide guidance should you encounter a mini-tort situation.