Workers Compensation For Wineries and Breweries in Michigan

By on July 23, 2020

In today’s environment, it is critical that those in the food and beverage service industries have a solid Workers Compensation plan in place. It is critical that your bartenders, baristas, wine servers, and wait staff are protected.

Arnouts Insurance Agency specializes in working with the ever-expanding brewery and winery industry in Michigan. It is important to remember that even part-time workers need to have a workers compensation plan covering them, it is the law.

Operating an establishment that serves beer and wine is already a complicated endeavor.  The staff at Arnouts Insurance Agency is here and ready to help out Michigan wineries and breweries navigate Workers Compensation insurance. We work with wineries and breweries in Lansing, Grand Rapids, Jackson, Detroit, Traverse City and all over the state of Michigan with our Workers Compensation carrier, Accident Fund.