Workers Compensation for Non-Profits

By on July 21, 2020

Workers Compensation Insurance in Michigan for non-profits is extremely important. Even though an organization may be classified as a non-profit or carry non-profit status, that organization must still have a proof of Workers Compensation Insurance. Having Workers Compensation applies to non-profits even if they have a small number of full time or part time workers. See our general Michigan Workers Compensation page for further details.

Workers compensation Insurance in the State of Michigan pays for medical expenses, lost wages and other related expenses such as rehabilitation to employees who may be hurt or sick due to the job they are doing. There may also be a death benefit payout if an employee is killed on the job.

Arnouts Insurance Agency has specialized in providing workers compensation plans and solution to Michigan non-profit organizations for over a decade. We understand the complexity that many non-profits have with part time staff, volunteers, full time employees and operating boards. Non-profits will also use independent contractors for their organization, and we know how to manage those Workers Compensation plans as well. Our experienced staff will take the time to learn about how your non-profit entity operates. We will then work with our carrier Accident Fund to deploy the right Work Comp plan for you.