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Electric Vehicle Insurance

Electric Vehicle Insurance for Michigan Drivers

Arnouts Insurance has the knowledge and real expertise to determine what type of insurance plan you should select for your electric vehicle. Owning an EV comes with tremendous benefits, but it is does come with many challenges as it is a new industry. Many EV owners enjoy not having to worry about gas prices or gas mileage. However, as owning an electric car is new to many, the insurance coverage can be an unknown experience as well.

At Arnouts, our team can assess and develop the right insurance plan that protects your electric truck or car. Our staff has written coverages on many of the first EV in the state of Michigan and we know that types of liability and underwriting amounts make the most sense. It is critical that you have the right electric car insurance so you can drive and enjoy your EV with peace of mind.

Michigan is at the leading edge of EV production and manufacturing and many drivers in Mid Michigan and across the state are starting to purchase and take advantage of the benefits of electric cars and trucks. Making sure your EV is properly insured should not be a barrier to your purchase of an electric vehicle. We are here in Okemos to help EV drivers across the state of Michigan to drive knowing that they are protected.

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