Pole Barn Insurance

By on April 15, 2021

Pole barns in Michigan serve many purposes. For some homeowners, it is a simple place to keep your lawn tractor, or snowmobiles, or may even your boat. For others, it is a man cave, where you spend time wood working, working on cars, or just watching sports on TV. It may have heat, such as a gas heater or a wood stove.We know you like to spend time in your barn in the cold months. You may be a hobby woodworker, car enthusiast, fixing your motorcycle. Perhaps you are a fisherman and fly-tying in your man cave in your barn is your winter hobby. Or, you may want a warm place to work on a truck or change your oil.

Whatever the purposes of your pole barn, you likely have a lot of important valuables stored. You have tools, a boat, or your jet ski. You may  have some old memorables that you have tucked away in storage bins. You could have fishing rods or hunting equipment. Or may even have your motorcycle, quad, or a classic are stored in your heated pole barn. 

If you are heating with your pole barn with a wood source, you may have had issues getting it insured. Many carriers who insure Michigan homeowners will not let them place a pole barn or outbuilding on their policy if it contains a wood or corn burning stove. Additionally, some insurance carriers won’t insure a pole barn if it has an fixed source of heat, such as a hanging gas furnace or electric heater. As a result, many homeowners in Michigan struggle to get their pole barn insured as a part of their homeowner’s policy. 

We can help. Arnouts Insurance is proud to represent Michigan insurance carriers who will ensure your home with a pole barn on your policy even if it has a heat source such as a wood burning stove. Call us today at 517-347-1466 to discuss your pole barn heating setup and how we can help.