Flood Insurance

By on May 25, 2016

Nothing will dampen your mood more than discovering you aren’t covered for a flood. Most homeowner’s policies don’t cover flood insurance, and in the United States, floods are the top natural disasters to afflict homeowners. Flooding situations can ruin your outbuilding, your basement or worse your entire home.

This past May in Michigan, we experienced some massive flooding in the Midland, Edenville and Sanford area in the Mid Michigan area along Wixom Lake, the Tittabawassee and Tobacco Rivers. Several home and cottage owners experience high amounts of damage. Some had flood insurance, but several unfortunately did not and were not able to protect against these losses.

With our weather in Michigan, every spring brings the possibility for flooding conditions. When strong rains arrive, combined with possible snow melt, the water table and the waterway levels can rise. While we love our water in Michigan, it can pose a threat as well.

If you live anywhere near a body of water, you need to consider if you are in a flood plain, even if it is in a 100 year flood plain. In Michigan, you are never that far from a body of water that could possible trigger flooding situations. Evaluating whether your home or cottage should get flood insurance is an important consideration, even if it is not required by your mortgage company.

The insurance professionals at Arnouts Insurance Inc., in correlation with National Flood Insurance, LLC, specialize in flood insurance for residents and businesses in Michigan – including Lansing, Okemos, Haslett, Mason, and East Lansing. Additionally, if you have a cottage or cabin up north near a body of water, we can evaluate flood insurance solutions for you. Even if flood insurance is not required for your property but you live in a low-lying area or just want the peace of mind that flood insurance provides, learn what it takes to make sure you’re covered.

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