Commercial Equine Operation Insurance

By on August 16, 2021

Photo Credit: Crystal Lettinga

Commercial Equine Operation and Horse Business Insurance

Since we can’t predict how every horse will react in any given situation, we have coverage options that are available whether you are boarding, breeding, training or providing horseback riding instruction, including Therapeutic Riding. Even the best trained, gentlest horses can injure a rider, visitor or even damage someone’s property.  If you are found negligent, you may be responsible to pay a large monetary settlement.  Equine Liability Insurance can help protect you.  That is where we come in!

Customizable or Monoline Commercial Equine Liability

We work with companies that can customize horse business insurance policies to fit your needs, budget, and your business. One of our trusted insurance carriers, Markel, has designed coverages distinctly to help protect PATH members and their unique risks.

From farriers to horse shows to roping/penning team practices, we can cover your horse operation insurance needs. If you are a member of an accredited professional association, credits may be available to you!

Equine Business Claim example:

A group is on a trail ride, waivers have been signed, but one of the riders’ horses does not want to continue on and refuses to walk forward. The instructor tells the rider to dismount the horse, before the rider can do anything the horse starts to run and bucks the rider off causing injury. With a Markel Specialty horse business insurance policy the medical costs may be covered at no extra cost to you.

*This example is provided as an example of a potential incident. Any claim submitted is evaluated and subjective to the facts and terms of the equine operation insurance policy. Get a free quote today!

Photo Credit: Crystal Lettinga

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